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Fiduciary Trust is a global, multi-asset class allocator of capital. We employ a disciplined process when making capital decisions in order to invest in opportunities that we believe will exceed required rates of return. We undertake this process while maintaining awareness of behavioral biases, market efficiencies, tax liabilities, and client-specific preferences and needs.

Our process incorporates:
• Establishing long-term strategic risk/return expectations
• Making active tactical allocation decisions
• Selecting managers or securities that we have high conviction they will outperform their investment opportunity costs
• Considering environmental, social, and governance factors when evaluating investment opportunities

Four beliefs guide our investment strategy:

  1. The goal of investing is to preserve and grow purchasing power: Investment success is not about what you make, but what you keep. Consequently, we not only strive to avoid permanent loss of capital, but most importantly, we also strive to exceed each client’s risk/return targets.
  2. Investing is a continuous process of capital allocation: We continuously evaluate the stream of investment opportunities that markets and economies create in order to enhance portfolio returns.
  3. Broader investment opportunities improve outcomes: The investment landscape has no boundaries; therefore, our portfolio construction approach is global, short and long term, active and passive, public and private, where appropriate.
  4. Behavioral biases hinder effective decision-making:  We strive to counter the behavioral tendencies that are common to all investors and impede success. We do this through rigorous analytical decision-making and timely execution.

Clients come to Fiduciary with unique missions, circumstances, and objectives. Therefore, one of the primary elements of our portfolio construction process is to create fit-for-purpose solutions that reflect the distinct requirements of each client.

For additional detail, read our paper “A Strategic Approach to Investment Decisions.

Our investment approach is backed by a dedicated investment team who provide investment strategy, investment research, manager research and due diligence, and portfolio implementation. Click here to learn more about our investment team.